Privacy, cookies, and third party services

Our use of your data, cookies, and external services: what you should know, and how to opt out if you want to.


Who gets to see my personal details?
In normal cases, your details will be passed to the people responsible for dealing with your report, and no-one else. All data is kept in a highly secured encrypted database
What will you do with my personal details?
All personal data is held in a highly secure platform that is compliant with all recent data security standards.


To make our service easier or more useful, we sometimes place small data files on your computer or mobile phone, known as cookies; many websites do this. We use this information to, for example, remember you have logged in so you don't need to do that on every page. Below, we list the cookies and services that this site can use.

Name Typical Content Expires
FixMyArea4US_app_session A random unique identifier When browser is closed, or four weeks if “Keep me signed in” is ticked